A listed building in Manchester is the new home for VTR North, a company which deals in visual effects. The company are to invest half a million pounds on the renovation of the office space in Manchester. The Leeds based company has taken ownership of the new office space for the purpose of creating new TV adverts.

The building is a grade II listed property, situated on John Dalton Street in Manchester city centre, with 3000 square feet to house the company. The renovations will be carried out to make the area suitable for visual effects which include animation, editing and motion graphics, all required in order to create TV ads. Carl Walters, one of the company owners said:

“We’ve always had one eye on Manchester. Leeds has been good to us and will continue to be our home but Manchester is a bigger market that offers more opportunities.”

Walters cites the arrival of BBC North in Manchester as one of the reasons for expanding to Manchester, in addition to a thriving commercials industry. He added that the opening of an office in Manchester was the obvious move if the company was to grow. According to Walters, they expect to have the new office space open in April 2012.

Office space in the right area of the UK can make the difference between failure and success for a company, which is why the advice of an established property consultant should be sought. The location of a business is crucial to success.