Proposals for the regeneration of the area surrounding Cornbrook Metrolink station have entered the consultation phase recently. This process is continuing under the auspices of the local authority of Trafford, although its Manchester counterpart has been involved.

Michael Hyman, of Trafford Council, has stated:

“The delivery of the proposed development will support the transformation of Cornbrook and deliver the step change required to ensure it becomes a place where people choose to live, work and invest.”

Councillor Hyman, who specifically focuses on the promotion of economic development, has added that the regeneration scheme will fit well with other work going on in the region. Businesses searching for office space around Manchester are likely to be listening keenly for the outcome of the discussions.

The plans for the area are complex, with hotels, offices and houses all included in the proposals. It has been suggested that in excess of 1,500 jobs may be created if the project receives the green light. The consultation process is set to end by April 28.

Taken as a whole, the regeneration scheme is aimed at the production of a commercial area which is based around the Metrolink station. This gateway will benefit from its accessibility.

However, the backers of the project have not revealed the fine detail of their plans as yet, which means that it is not easy to assess the likely outcome of the consultation process. The future of the Cornbrook Hub is expected to become clearer over time.

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