At the recent Poptech breakfast meeting held in Manchester, speakers discussed the future of technology in the city’s commercial buildings.

At the meeting, Doug Ward of Telcom Networks said that digital connectivity is third on the list of priorities that tech companies required when considering Manchester office space. Buildings need to be prewired and connected to the fastest broadband speeds.

However, Ward said there is often little information available about the quality and speed of internet connections when office space is marketed. A recent Manchester initiative, WiredScore announced it is addressing this by rating and certifying property internet connections. The company surveyed business owners and found that one third of them listed internet connectivity as a major factor when deciding to rent office space on Manchester.

Internet connectivity is not the only tech issue mentioned at the Poptech meeting; landlords need to anticipate future technology too. For example, if drone deliveries become common, then buildings may need suitable landing sites.

Virtual reality technology can be used to market Manchester office space, especially for new developments that have not been completed. A virtual tour of the office space will enable prospective tenants to get a feel for how it will look and operate.

Some property companies have developed phone apps to enable users to see property details and book viewing appointments.

Companies are demanding more and more facilities in their Manchester office space, so landlords need to equip their buildings with the latest technology.