The population of Manchester has grown because of increased economic growth. More houses and improved infrastructure are being planned to cope with this expansion.

More office space in Manchester is being developed to meet the rising demand from companies that want a presence in the city. Manchester Business Park near the Airport and the £1m refurbishments of Chetham Mill are two examples of major office developments.

All these businesses need staff with many people moving to Manchester for employment. Since 2015, the population of Manchester has grown by 6%. About 65% of graduates from Manchester Universities stay in the city to work after graduating. Around 38% of people who study outside of Manchester return to the city to work after graduating

This growth has created a high demand for housing, especially among young professionals. Around 200,000 new homes are expected to be built in the Manchester areas by 2037. Workers need efficient transport to commute to work, so the Greater Manchester Combined Authority is planning to extend the Metrolink system with new tramlines and a system with trams adapted to run on both tram and train tracks.

Companies leasing or buying office space in Manchester need not be worried about attracting talent to work for them. People moving to Manchester now and in the foreseeable future will have homes to live in, and soon there will be an improved reliable transport system to make sure that workers in the North of England’s biggest city can get to work on time.