A survey by a Manchester property company has revealed the main reasons why workers want to return to their office space in Manchester and other North West areas.

Over a third (37%) of the people surveyed said that the chief distraction when working from home is household chores. Around 21% of men said that childcare was a major challenge during home working, while this figure was 19% among women.

Lack of motivation was experienced by 29% of homeworkers, and 27% reported experiencing loneliness.

However, there were some positive feelings about working from home, with 31% saying it was better for mental wellbeing and 49% noting that they could achieve a better work/life balance.

Though some Manchester office workers prefer working from home, it appears many are returning to their workplaces as pandemic restrictions are eased, or are looking forward to doing so.

Additionally, the take up of new office space in Manchester is high. For example, newly renovated Hilton House in the Northern Quarter expects to achieve an 80% occupancy rate soon.

To encourage workers to return to the office, some believe that offices need to change and adapt to new ways of working in a post-pandemic world. Atul Bansal, an interior designer, said:

“Standard offices are no longer enough for companies and their people – rather, they want a community and a space where creativity and collaboration collide.”

Bansal says that this means creating breakout spaces and more community areas with plenty of natural light.

The report concludes that offices need be nurturing and inspiring spaces rather than the dull buildings of the past.