Although the UK, along with the rest of the world, is still recovering from the recession brought on by the global financial crisis, there are signs that the business climate in Manchester is definitely looking up. One of the main indicators is the increase in office take-up within the city centre and surrounding areas.

The latest research figures from Lambert Smith Hampton, national commercial property consultants, reported at the end of November of this year indicate that office take-up in Manchester is at the highest it’s been in the last three years. At that point, businesses had taken up 655,108 square feet of office space, which was a whopping 77% increase over the previous quarter. This is definitely great news for the business community in the Manchester area.

If you’re a business or company looking to locate in Manchester, the city really has a lot to offer. This city located in England’s beautiful northwest has gone from the cradle of England’s industrial revolution and has transformed itself into an economy that offers a wide diversity of businesses. From financial to biotech industries, advanced manufacturing and even tourism, Manchester has its figurative fingers in many economic pies.

Manchester also has an excellent transportation infrastructure to help support your business, including a first class international airport which can make sure you stay competitive in this global economy. The city’s top-rated universities ensure that there is a pool of knowledgeable and talented people to draw on for your employment needs.

With all that Manchester has to offer, it’s no wonder that with the national and global economy picking up the competition for office space in Manchester is also heating up. Although Manchester has some world renowned sports teams, looking for office space shouldn’t be a spectator sport. With the increase in office take-up you’ll really need to be proactive in your search for just the right space for your business or company.

One way to ensure that you find the office space that’s just right for you is to enlist the aid of a good commercial real estate agency. An agency that’s been operating in the area for a long time, with people who know the area and what it has to offer can help tremendously in your search for office space.

Don’t sit on the sidelines now that the economy is taking off. Go out and find your perfect office space before all the good ones are taken.