The government has urged workers to return to the office following the easing of pandemic restrictions, but many staff still want to spend part of the week working from home.

In response those who do not want to go back to the office full time, some businesses are improving the quality of their office space in Manchester to encourage workers to be in the workplace.

Consensus Workspace, based in Manchester, fits and designs office space. Ollie Plaistow from the company says that, before the pandemic, their clients had a “cram everyone in” approach to office design. Now there is a demand for more attractive and welcoming office environments, with breakout areas for meeting others and private booths for phone calls. Plaistow says that many office workers no longer want to eat lunch at their desks and expect upgraded kitchens and dining facilities, and there is a large demand for more natural light instead of harsh strip lights

Chris Bennett, the managing director of Evira Global, supports office working. He says:

“I want my staff to feel they are in the best possible place to feel comfortable and be productive, but I think there is a social benefit to interacting with each other – we lose a large piece of our culture when we’re not together.”

Hybrid working may be here to stay, but the high level of Manchester office development demonstrates that office space in Manchester will continue to be in high demand.