Manchester based real estate consultant, OBI Property, has marked its sixth year in the industry by doubling its amount of office space.

The office is located on Mosley Street in the city centre. Now, as well as boasting more than 3,000 square feet of office space, Manchester’s iconic and bustling St Peter’s Square can be seen from the premises as well.

The move is part of an aim to develop an office that the business’ clients and visitors could view “as their own”, according to Andrew Crompton of the Workplace Consultancy team. The increase in space means additional meeting rooms at the office, as well as quiet booths and an area for design.

Pivotal to the notion express by Crompton, however, is the introduction of the visitors’ space, named ‘Clockwork’. It comes complete with an L-shaped sofa, modern desks and bookshelves, and artwork on the wall, including a clock-themed logo. Guests can even make use of the bar facilities available at the site, and it can be used either as a meeting place or simply an area for relaxation.

Crompton added that everybody in his team had a say on what they thought Clockwork should look like, and some of OBI’s clients were also quizzed on what they would like to see in an amenity space.

OBI provides solutions to several high profile clients, including British Airways and Andrew Cowell of the Transactions and Asset Management Team puts the company’s success and growth down to its strong team of 18 employees.