KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives has ranked Manchester as the most cost-efficient place in Europe in which to do business.

Competitive Alternatives provides insights into business location costs, and recently published its 2016 top 10 list of the most cost-effective European cities for business. Manchester edged ahead of the likes of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Rome to secure the crown.

KPMG commented on the findings:

“Even with the current strength of the UK pound relative to the euro, Manchester enjoys the lowest business costs among the 10 major European cities compared, while London which is the most costly location among the European cities.”

London was number 10 on the list, behind Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris.

An example of a business that recently launched in Manchester is Right Trade, a website that connects skilled trades people to potential clients. Stuart Harvey, Right Trade’s entrepreneur owner, has explained his reasons for choosing to locate the business in Manchester. After researching the cost of setting up, he came to the conclusion that office space in Manchester is the best value. He also found that Manchester had a lot of high-quality skilled trades people with whom he could partner. On a personal note, he found that Manchester is a great place for his children to grow up in as well.

Many international businesses have invested in office space in Manchester, and the city’s top ranking in the Competitive Alternatives list is recognition of its strength in a global business property market.