Many tech firms are moving to Manchester, attracted by affordable office space and a skilled workforce.

There are many offices spaces in Manchester that are fitted out to a high standard with high-speed internet access. For tech companies that do not want to commit to long leases, flexible office spaces provide workspaces that can be rented for short periods. These short-term options are particularly attractive to tech startups who need the flexibility of being able to expand the number of desks they rent as their business grows.

About 40% of enquiries for office space in Manchester are coming from tech-based firms.

The only problem is that Manchester city centre is running out of office space. Estate agent Colliers has estimated there is only 230,000 sq. ft of office space in Manchester city centre available to rent. Any new office projects can sign leases with tenants before the buildings have been completed.

There are still office spaces available outside of the city centre, in such areas as Stockport and Salford. There are also many housing developments in Manchester for tech workers to live in.

Many tech workers want to relocate to Manchester as housing is reasonably priced, and Manchester has a vibrant social and cultural life, thus plenty of tech startups have launched in the Northern city. If the trend for high tech firms to locate to Manchester continues, the city could take over from London as the top high-tech hub in the UK.