More offices in Manchester have installed quiet areas for workers to relax and meditate in.

Users of office space in Manchester have to comply with strict health and safety regulations, which are mainly focused on protecting workers’ physical health, but mental health is also important. According to the Mental Health Foundation, more than two out of three adults in the UK have been affected by mental health issues in the last 12 months. Quiet spaces are seen as part of a wellbeing initiative that helps workers be more engaged and energized after spending time relaxing. The Mental Health Foundation says that this also benefits business, as improving wellbeing at work can increase productivity by around 12%.

JLL’s new office space in Manchester has a quiet space based in an area of natural light. Daithí Naughton is the design coordinator of JLL subsidiary company Tétris UK. He says:

“Companies want to show they’re serious about promoting wellbeing and equally they want these spaces to be used so putting them in prominent locations sends a strong message.”

He believes more offices will install quiet spaces and these will attract and keep employees. New office developments in Manchester that have areas suitable for quiet places can appeal to high calibre tenants that care for their employees’ wellbeing. Naughton says:

“They’re not an expensive addition to modern offices and when they’re done well, they can add value in creating workplaces that employees feel are supporting their needs.”