Though the lockdown slowed down office construction in Manchester, the building boom in the region is now continuing.

At the end of June 2020, there were 50 tower cranes visible on the Manchester skyline, according to forum users. This is down from the 80 in June 2019, but shows that construction is still active in the city. Office space in Manchester has increased this year too, with notable projects completed including the 125 Deansgate Office building.

The 60,000 square foot Bruntwood Works development at Piccadilly is still scheduled for completion in September 2020. Included in this development are exhibition space, coffee shops, and coworking spaces.

The Circle Square development includes 1.2 million square foot of office space, 100,000 square feet of retail and leisure space, and 1,700 homes. The residential spaces have been completed and work continues on the rest.

Tribeca in Dale Street is nearing competition and will provide 32,000 square feet of office space in Manchester. Also, 11 York Street will shortly be spanning 79,000 square feet, while Hyphen at 75 Mosley Street is due to complete 51,930 square foot of office space in October 2020.

This is only a partial list of the many office developments at various stages of completion. In addition, work is been finalised on thousands of new apartments and several new Manchester hotels.

The coronavirus epidemic may have slowed down construction work and dampened the Manchester economy, but the large number of commercial and residential buildings being constructed are a sign of optimism for the city’s future.