Though the Covid-19 threat is not over, lockdown restrictions are being lifted and workers are getting ready to return to Manchester offices, if they have not already. Business owners are preparing and adapting their workplaces to keep them safe.

Office heating and ventilation systems may need to be adjusted or changed. Research has found that good ventilation and the right temperatures help prevent the spread of the virus.

Many workers are used to working at home on their own, and may still need private areas and distraction-free zones to be productive. There also need to be collaboration and meeting areas that are large enough to allow social distancing. Zones with comfortable seating encourage teamwork and provide a place to rest and refresh.

One-way systems help in observing social distancing, and hygiene is still an important factor in preventing the spread of the virus. Extra sanitation stations allow employees to regularly wash and sanitize their hands.

There is still a high demand for office space in Manchester, with several new office developments being constructed or in the planning stage. Provided office space is adapted to reduce risks from the virus, it should be safe for workers to return to the office and many are looking forward to doing so.

Remote working may remain an option for many, but most workers prefer to spend at least part of their working time in the office. Indeed, a recent study from workplace company Steelcase has shown that 97% of people want to return to their workplace rather than work primarily from home.