As the demand for media services in the North of England increases dramatically, DiA Group takes new office space in the Manchester city centre area.

The company deals with the hiring of equipment to the film, TV and commercials sector, in addition to dealing with recruitment and training issues. The North office for the DiA Group will be headed by Mark Brown, a businessman based in Manchester.

The office in Manchester will become the headquarters for three subsidiaries of the company: The Crewing Company, Alias Hire and The Bridge Training. The main headquarters of the group are in Stratford, close to the Olympic Park. Broadcasters from all over the world will be supported with services from DiA Group, which is also a member of a consortium which has bid for control of the Olympic broadcast and press centre after the games have ended.

The chief operating office of the DiA Group, David Brady said:

“The Olympics is going to be great for us but we are always looking for the next opportunity and with the uptake of space at Media City in Salford increasing we saw a genuine chance to service both that development and the whole of the North West from a convenient location in the centre of Manchester.”

As the commercials industry is currently booming, demand is high for freelance talent and training in the media industry. As companies meet that demand, office space in Manchester is at a premium.