A business incubator connected with one of Manchester’s universities has recently begun the process of moving. By late spring, the Innospace unit should be ready for action at a campus belonging to Manchester Metropolitan University.

A services manager at the University, Louise Kenworthy, said:

“We are supporting and training our graduates in the local area to help build the economy. The new space is going to be more flexible and give people more opportunities. And because we’re closer to the main campus, the links will be much stronger.”

The news of the switch should be of interest to companies searching for office space in Manchester. Start-ups may be particularly keen to learn about some of the details of the project in question.

The new centre will be able to cater for a considerable number of small enterprises, boasting a floor space of nearly 1,300 square metres. In addition to this, an intermediate floor is set to act as shared floor space.

Although graduates and students from the university are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities on offer, the individuals behind the project hope that ordinary entrepreneurs with no connection to the educational institution will get involved. There will be an emphasis on getting firms geared up to the challenges presented by digital technology.

Start-ups will be able to use the amenities on the site free of charge for the first three months, and will even be allowed free hot beverages during this initial period. After this interval has passed, the businesses will be able to use hot-desking facilities or standard offices.