Co-working offices have made a real difference to how people work, and several examples of the trend are shaping up in Manchester.

A co-working office is a shared space where people rent desk space, but are not employed by the same company. It appeals to freelancers and independent contractors who prefer working in a shared space rather than the isolation of working from home or a single office space. Co-working space also appeals to startup companies that do not want the long-term commitment of leasing an office.

At least 200,000 sq. ft. of new co-working office space in Manchester is expected by the end of 2017.

One of the leading flexible office providers, Citibase, launched its new co-working office space at Old Trafford, Manchester in May 2017, doubling its office space in the city in the process.

Another prominent Manchester co-working space is the Neo building in Manchester’s city centre. This building operated by Bruntwood, has various zones. Some of them are places to meet up for coffee, others offer workplaces that can be used just for an hour or two, and there are comfortable lounge areas where people can work informally. There is also an all-weather heated outdoor terrace area.

Startup companies and entrepreneurs tend to favour co-working spaces as they offer a relatively low-cost solution for office space that can be used while a company establishes itself. The company may then rent more permanent office space in Manchester once it expands.